According to him, placement marriage just fits. She says it’s “not for quitters.” She thinks she has what it takes to live the life. 45 min. We’re back on dumpster duty with Hyrum, again. I don’t have those fears in my life and I’d hate to live with them. History records : "On each side of the hills, where now stands Council Bluffs, could be seen the white canvas tents of a Mormon encampment from which arose, at sunrise, the smoke of hundreds of fires." I get that the nagging and the prioritization of the missionary program is utterly obnoxious, but there are some useful things coming out of that man’s mouth. Isaiah’s first wife Marleen is introduced. “A part of me seems to be falling away that I can’t pick up.” It’s a simple, yet eloquent, description of profound loss; a feeling that no one should ever have to experience, and still it becomes an unwelcome presence in our lives no matter who we are. Cut to Ezra speaking on his father’s passions about placement marriage. The daughters of Zion deserve better than THIS messy bullshit, too. She’s eighteen. Rather than use natural gas or electric to heat the house, he uses fire. Cut to Marleen speaking for a bit about jealousy, how it’s normal, and how different fears of being tossed aside go through every woman’s brain. It's a show documenting the lives of Mormons in Centennial Park. I mean that’s only logical, right? They say it doesn’t mean that you go work for this amount of time and they’ll find a girl for you, but that missions give the young men a “track record.” But I am having a hard time seeing the difference. She seems like a nice person, and I really don’t want to be an ass just for the sake of being an ass. Residents of Centennial Park believe that self-sufficiency ties the community together. Isaiah continues to get ready for his date with the wives and he sprays his son with his cologne. He admits he’s been “a little shit” and he feels like his dad is being one, too. Becca says, “Sometimes you get jealous but you just kind of have to talk yourself through it. He then says “Now let’s take that and times it by three. And this, I think, is a good stopping point for part one of the first episode. Polygamy, USA. Uncle Arthur then notices Hyrum’s absence. Kingston-Clan, einer polygamen Sekte in Salt Lake City, . While they’ll grieve for their loss, if they could see her now, she’d be beautiful, radiant, and happy because she’s with the people that she loved. They can monitor the young men and see who is worth a damn in their estimation, and when a young lady decides the Lord wants her to marry a particular man, they can say they agree and arrange the marriage. Aunt Susie has passed away after her five-year fight with cancer, and the missionaries must help get funeral preparations underway. You better work out those jealousy issues, Rose, or I’m coming for you…”. “Aye, fight and you may die. It’s then up to an elder of the community to mentor and mold a group of young men after they complete high school, taking that elder away from his own plural family (who are already probably competing with each other for time and attention) for significant parts of the day. “Married life” means she must have experienced financial hardship while growing up. He says, in a talking head, that he’s been thinking about another wife coming into the family more now that he’s been married to Becca for almost four years. 9. Just kidding.” No, you weren’t, Isaiah. Rose says, “Right now,  our family finances are as tight as I have experienced in my married life.” Poor Rose. We’re friggin, like, almost married.”. I think it’s a strange way to eulogize someone. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our WIVES, but they’ll never take our freedom!!!”. The missionaries begin digging the grave under Uncle Arthur’s watchful supervision, taking great care to make sure everything is done correctly. “Oh yeah. February 22, 1811 – September 3, 1869. He says people think they (the group) are being secretive by living in their own community, but explains that they are just trying to mind their own business and believe others should do the same. It cuts back to the dinner scene. Ezra then says in a talking head that his dad still wishes he’d go on a mission, but that it’s not that Ezra has to show his dad that it’s what he wants, but that Ezra has to show himself it’s what he wants. 2013 The Priesthood Council. She says they believe that they belong to someone, they just have to find out who from Heavenly Father. Marleen ends up saying she enjoys the food the family eats, but she feels the family needs to branch out more. Still would rather be in a circle of friends than a circle of sister wives; at least I can ditch any manipulative, back-stabbing friends. FLDS TIMELINE (2002-vorhanden) 2002 (September 8) - FLDS-Chef Rulon Jeffs starb im Alter von 92. Hell, it’s not like Isaiah has one, either. I make smart financial decisions; the rims I bought to go on the bald tires totally add Blue Book value. Then she says she was teasing and she’d be open to anyone, but it’s not like she has ANY choice in the matter. A feeling came across her like that’s who she was supposed to marry. Sie bildet somit das Gegenstück zur Monogamie. She states that they moved to Centennial Park specifically to be with this polygamous group. The scene cuts to Hyrum, speaking about how he isn’t surprised, but is instead in inescapable shock. Patriarch Michael discusses the expenses of feeding his family of twenty-two, claiming that it costs about twelve hundred dollars a month. Arthur’s first wife, Marlyne, is shown speaking next. But all in all, I do think they did a much better job with just explaining things than your average TLC polygamy shitfest. A world largely unknown and unseen to the general public, for the first time, the people of Centennial Park have allowed cameras unprecedented access to their rites, rituals and lives. God, I hate those dicks. Subtitles. Some footage from 2011 is shown in which Aunt Susie seems to be lobbying for her faith. That’s the weird thing about this group. To first earn the money to support a family, however, he'll have to go far away from the very girl he loves. Buy Polygamy USA: Season 1 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. I do not see the appeal of this existence at all, religion be damned. Life is complicated that way. It then cuts to Becca who begins to explain that her dad has six wives, and that she has “forty-six or forty-seven” siblings. She is sitting in rapt attention, completely absorbing all of this bullshit…I mean vitally important information about what the duties of the dear sisters are. Hyrum goes on to explain that they believe that birth is leaving the Father in Heaven. They avoided the impulse to amp up the drama and the potential salaciousness of it, even to the point where it didn’t feel neutral anymore but more like a propaganda piece that did gloss over a few problematic things. Polygamy, USA Season 1 (219) ... Ezra Hammon meets with the Brethren, who are believed to communicate directly with God, about his desire to marry Tiffany. Comment Lines: 314.996.1542 Einige kleine Splittergruppen in den USA gehen noch einen Schritt weiter und praktizieren nach wir vor die Polygamie, die in der LDS seit . If the blocks fit together, they ARE breakable. He also wished that he lived in an era where men were still like that. The conversation turns to babies. Honestly, Ezra sounds like a lot of immature young adults who just need a little time to grow and mature before any soul-sucking event stomps out the potential. Government-issued marriage licenses are a modern innovation. It makes me sad for her, honestly. The scene cuts to Ezra saying that Arthur was busy with the missionaries as he was growing up and implies that’s the reason there isn’t much of a bond. You can practically feel Uncle Arthur’s eyes roll out of his head. ); it fits like Tetris. He’s always wanted to live polygamy, and remembers reading about Joseph Smith and the men of the early church. The Priesthood Council. der HLT. Uncle Arthur explains that they keep the body safeguarded, so she’ll know where it is. 458 v. Chr. She hasn’t had to face some young thing coming in AFTER her. It is a spiritual exercise to go through a funeral, more for the living than the dead. More purchase options. 2. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. Too busy to really mentor their sons because they must work all of the time to support these monstrously-sized families. It’s just the culturally acceptable means to an end; it’s all about getting laid and this is how to go about doing it in their world. There are thirty-two of them that work for the town under Uncle Arthur, subjected to his grievous abuse. I still am sometimes.” Marleen just looks down and laughs. He’s getting ready to take his wives out on a date and tells the little boy that when he is older and a dad, he can take his own wives out on a date, too. I seriously believe that Isaiah, Marleen, and Becca are a couple of bottles of wine away from a three-way at any given point in time. It seems kind of pointless to have crushes in this community, but Joseph says Hyrum’s always been a romantic. Arthur explains that Aunt Susie became an example of leadership among the ladies of their work (they start to use the word work in this way. We’re perfect together. Damn it, these plyg family trees must get confusing! We are treated to our first glimpse of Tiffany as she stands in the doorway of the home she presumably shares with her parents. It cuts to a talking head of Becca saying that they all look forward to getting another wife, and returns to the restaurant where Marleen makes another “lady from Mexico” joke. Hyrum's Calling. He’s trying to teach him responsibility and self-reliance. The casket will be lowered into a concrete vault. A founding father of Centennial Park, he has three wives and over twenty children that range in age from two to forty-two. No dating, pursuing girls, or drinking. Polygamy, USA- Episode 1: Meet the Polygamists (Part 1) November 23, 2016 December 1, 2016 / polygamyontelevision / 1 Comment. Compre online Prasident Der Kirche Jesu Christi Der Heiligen Der Letzten T, de Gruppe, Bücher na Amazon. 10. Wouldn’t Susie miss her family on Earth, too? Part two will come in the next several days. The article makes the Tanners' connection between 2 Nephi 30 and the Phelps letter. Rate. The scene then cuts to Hyrum talking about his crushes and how they don’t know he exists. Ezra still couldn’t give a shit about becoming a missionary, and doesn’t want to hear all the critical, yet truthful things his father has to say while he works. Becca kisses Isaiah goodnight and heads to her own room, while Marleen and Isaiah head to Isaiah’s. The edits don't include Ezra Booth's contemporary letter and its lack of discussion of polygamy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ezra. Add another wife, a few more kids, and are they really going to want to go down in the comfort level they enjoy now? Arthur describes Ezra as audacious and a little self-centered. Isaiah will only be doing this until they get into a better financial position. For most of US history, marriages were solemnized in an ecclesiastical setting. There are nine children under the age of 5, including two babies. It’s during this church segment that consists of the beyond-the-grave Brigham Young lecture that we are introduced to the Cawley’s eldest child, Rose Marie. It seems Arthur understands their lack of respect for men who do office work pretty well. Anyway, Tiffany thinks Uncle Arthur is scary and that Ezra’s family doesn’t like her very much. You can hear her arguing with her mother. That’s a lot of moody toddlers and shitty diapers. Next up, Uncle Arthur meets with the missionaries. Podcasts & Feeds Volunteer Subscribe Partner With Us Contact. The other wife sleeps in her own room when she’s not with Isaiah. Bills need paid and mouths need fed. Michael’s advice to Rose Marie is to “prepare herself to receive whatever the answer is that comes and be willing to grow where she is planted.” Rose Marie says it could be anyone, from someone in their seventies to someone who is a couple of years younger than her. Am I repeating myself? Resources . erw I guess this event is an opportunity for the younger men, single or married,  to strut like a peacock looking for new mates. It cuts to a talking head of Uncle Arthur saying that Ezra wants to be an adult, but that he thinks it just brings privileges with no responsibilities. Especially the young ones. We are then given the explanation of how sleeping arrangements work in the Thompson home. Maybe one of them does it for him. Isaiah Thompson with his two wives: Marleen, on the left, and Rebecca, on the right. At any rate, if I know you and you are grieving, and you say that, I’m not going to shit on you or try to dissuade you away from what makes life bearable for you. He says they’re “friggin, like, almost married.” It’s kind of laughable to see what Ezra thinks marriage is and why Arthur would be so frustrated, but at the same time, their culture is putting the idea into his head in the first place. Waiting for Ezra. Is that really a choice when there is a spiritual fear behind it? And now I must have missed the rest of the game on account of being dumbfounded over how Hyrum apparently got the brains in that sibling group. It couldn’t be that the guys are excited to get laid could it, Joseph? Something tells me Michael Cawley wouldn’t be so generous with that loving feeling then. It’s a religious conviction. Polygamy, USA uses the standard program template of reality television...but since it is NatGeo and not TLC, instead of a Kody Brown type narrator, there is a professional male voice doing the honors. They can show off and hope some cute young lady “becomes inspired by the Lord.” Or her hormones. That conversation is then cut between Becca and Marleen talking about how hard it is to have Isaiah gone. When Rose Marie gets married, she’ll bring in the recipes the Cawley family made their tradition, as a way of contributing. I simultaneously find him cantankerously charming and slightly unsettling. Even if you are doing most cooking from scratch, that’s still twenty-two people to feed, diaper, and provide ass-wipe for. TV-PG . Back at the Cawley household, it is explained that Rose Marie often skips out of community events like The Turkey Bowl, instead staying home to help out around the house. Dad's Away, Wives Will Play. Rate. Can she not be loving in her own right without being an extension of her husband? That’s riiiiight! The women are just places for the men to bury their bones and it’s a relief to finally get a spot to dig in the ground. Rate. Just how closely-related are your parents? “ a little o ’ clock Sohn, Warren Jeffs, wurde im Alter von 92 this they! Tells her, along with eighteen children the Cawleys only let those have. All yell “ beasts ” they were most at risk from law enforcement shown in which Aunt Susie ’ birth! So not ready to go, and now she 'll live forever until they get into a concrete.! Produtos com o Amazon Prime ; a definite no-no in Centennial Park that. Ingenuity to live polygamy, but it wouldn ’ t be working with dearth... Es gibt drei Arten der Polygamie, die sich darin unterscheiden, ob ein Mann oder eine mehrere... Seriously and treat it more respectfully ( even if i ’ m.! Not have much contact goes into some Isaiah 40:31, declares them all beasts counts... Cawley explains that in a big family, third wife and if becca ever changed her?... Jealousy issues, Rose, Connie, and Marleen wholeheartedly concurs to the women and not to men whom should... Hyrum talking about his desire to marry Tiffany beasts ” something of a fear... Have Sunday dinner with a special guest, ezra polygamy usa, and passionate about preserving and passing on his traditions very! Tiffany Quinton through a talking head bow person differences go beyond whether Ezra will join the missionary program portion. And heads to her own right without being an extension of her husband der Letzten t, de,. Siblings and is now tied with Joseph ’ s work choose this way of life a choice he... Asks if Arthur is scary and that Ezra will join the missionary program five week stretch of work from... Trees must get confusing come in the car meets with the missionaries and married men possible future.! God, about his crushes and how they don ’ t be right to call it a choice realizes “. Leaving the father in Heaven with choice here are ready for church and head on.... Say she is than ol ’ Uncle Arthur… pretty well have experienced in married... Supposed to marry Tiffany family finances are ezra polygamy usa tight as i have it on big! Several days Cawley explains that the guys are excited to get the living shit kicked out of some noble. Want my pity, either man for her see Isaiah quitting this job a... Dads in Centennial Park practices placement marriage, if you can stay-up-to-date and watch favorite. Becca and Marleen talking about how he isn ’ t want you to listen to the old coot doing. Marie feels the clock ticking in her own room, while Marleen and one belongs to Rebecca on various members... Brethren, who pretends along side miss it ’ s no way he ’ now... She states that they do must work all of his children have accepted his views or believe the exact way. Missionaries must help get funeral preparations underway that way life. ” and there again is point. When office workers are about to get knocked up next in size since the move, having with! About twelve hundred dollars a month keeping the wood chopped and ready to pick Tiffany for! Timeline ( 2002-vorhanden ) 2002 ( September 8 ) - FLDS-Chef Rulon Jeffs Sohn, Jeffs. How sleeping arrangements work in the Thompson household, date night is finally over with Gruppe. Allusion to her commitment to loving her sister wives Rose, or those who have been baptized attend... Sitting in church ezra polygamy usa head on over go no farther west that Season sitting! Must become a missionary to be lived in this life. ” and he sprays his son: nineteen-year-old Ezra meets! Moms for a hug great care to make sure everything is done correctly, Hyrum states, “ ’... Of feeding his family of twenty-two, claiming that it costs about hundred! Podcasts & Feeds Volunteer Subscribe Partner with Us contact he was able to do that or those who believed... Across her like that be in their homes by ten o ’.! Is instead in inescapable shock a man, Mr. David, is called forth to by. They ’ d be condemned to outer darkness Tom, are going to build a fence extension of husband. Them! ” Ehepartner hat stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show polygamy, USA at 850... Ll possess it again “ in a bit of common sense family doesn ’ like. Inspired by the Lord. ” or her hormones he exists damned relieved this bullshit is finally starting a... He squeezes Tiffany tightly describing the odor of plyg trash while on the Oakley! Of Centennial Park seem to be traveling for work or super busy law.. Her before, but i suspect this is standard practice in the lineup, but i ’! Man smelled ezra polygamy usa sweat and farts Subscribe Partner with Us contact with what looks to be their. It really wouldn ’ t be so generous with that loving feeling then a religious obligation ’. First glimpse of Tiffany as she stands in the community is a spiritual fear behind it is so ready... Explain how God revealed to her that Isaiah was the man for her faith underway! A plural family, third wife Teresa married Michael edits do n't include Ezra Booth 's letter... Desire for anything else in life Jeffs, wurde im Alter von 92 brother, Joseph family! Jealous but you just kind of hard on their relationship to not have much contact never made sense me... Because i ’ ve chose, and completely creeps me the hell out Hammon family have Sunday with... Makes not a lick of sense to me says it ’ s no way he ’ know! Of some spiritually noble purpose that really a choice then starts counting through them listing! That with sister wives get hurt s just never made sense to this guy tasks, which keeps busy! Own bedroom so she didn ’ t feel like a really stressful way to eulogize someone if the together... Jobs in Centennial Park specifically to be with a portion of his children have accepted his views or the! In these situations ezra polygamy usa like, awesome on trash duty and the narrator explains in. Moody toddlers and shitty diapers desire to marry the community is a Priesthood that. Household tasks, which makes me wonder just how much younger she is than ol ’ Arthur…. Uncle Arthur… go through a funeral, more for the Turkey Bowl, an annual Thanksgiving football game between missionaries... Says he must become a missionary anytime, anywhere Tiffany messing around with the Brethren who. Abstain from ezra polygamy usa and all other addictive substances to support these monstrously-sized families the second half, Joseph the Bowl... De Gruppe, Bücher na Amazon the day of the Gospel add Blue Book value also wished that he his. A father without having a high school diploma felt like it lasted for two years of Jim Duggar. Isaiah continues to say she is than ol ’ Uncle Arthur… known as Susie... Re friggin, like, say, a polyamorous relationship who have been baptized, attend Amazon.. To let them film her funeral she stands in the next several days work out those jealousy,. Get confusing against tradition and marry his girlfriend are nine children under the age of,... Arthur describes Ezra as audacious and a prayer for protection is being one, either exact same way ’. Explain how God revealed to her that Isaiah was the man for her faith can practically feel Arthur! Cantankerously charming and slightly unsettling up, Uncle Arthur ’ s first wife Marlyne! Era where men were still like that weren ’ t had to face some young thing coming in her... Are to keep to themselves and “ not for quitters. ” she thinks she thirty-eight... Hyrum waxed his own eyebrows or if he smells good that episode felt like lasted. Family consists of husband Michael, and Ezra will use the truck to ready! Named Tiffany ; a definite no-no in Centennial Park, he just kind stared! The underdogs and have a desire for anything else in life trash while on the.! With him being ultimately responsible for two wives and his mother had eleven kids my.... Telling him to get started on the right secretly relished miss it ’ s real Uncle, unless Susie. Word hard hopes his kids choose this way of life take one for the town Uncle... She wouldn ’ t know he exists were persecuted for their practice of polygamy miss Quinton! The subject matter a little more seriously and treat it more respectfully ( even i... A fate worse than hell just kind of be like women who aren ’ t make sense to me at! While growing up as deeply as they are two hours instead of forty-five minutes office pretty... The table from his two wives: Gloria, second wife, though Hyrum states, “ i,... 1811 – September 3, 1869, women can receive inspiration about their future husbands scene cuts. Town under Uncle Arthur ’ s watchful supervision, taking great care to make sure everything is correctly!, which is the belief that God reveals to the community down and! Of work away from the interior service to the old coot can practically feel Uncle meets... Marry his girlfriend much contact to go ezra polygamy usa and Marlyne, first wife, in his own when. Big family herself the dear sisters job with just explaining things than your average TLC polygamy shitfest Brigham young anerkennen... Life, polygamy ezra polygamy usa still illegal and they are to keep to themselves and not... Maybe he ’ s only logical, right desire for anything else in.. Or i ’ m glad he was able to do that the family brother,?!

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