[2] When Kirk reappeared five months later, the role was now played by Whyment who has continued to play the role to date. Is liosta na gcarachtar é seo a bhí ar Coronation Street den chéad uair sa bhliain 2000. She wrote about it in her diary but when her younger half-brother, David (Jack P. Shepherd), and his friend Simon got a hold of it, they read the story about Sam and this resulted in David to tell his very concerned father, Martin (Sean Wilson), what he and Simon had read. Ray attends the funeral and is unexpectedly reunited with his ex-wife Eve who shows up to say goodbye to her son. Aadi Alahan. The storyline reached a climax when Jez, hospitalised after being set upon by Jim, made his way to Steve's bed to finish the job only to rupture his spleen and die himself. In February, 13-year-old Sarah was revealed to be five months pregnant, and in June gave birth to baby Bethany, played by twins Amy and Emily Walton. Tyrone and Maria convince Jack to go home and rest, as he has been at Vera's bedside … Audrey Roberts … She insulted the party guests, Sarah, and vicar Jessica Lundy (Olwen May), who also gave her a piece of her mind. Ray Sykes, played by Peter Guinness, is the father of Linda Sykes (Jacqueline Pirie). Mike is further angered when Ray accuses Linda of marrying him for his money and Linda tells Ray that he treated her like a skivvy following her mother's abandonment. Judith Roberts, portrayed by Jane Hogarth, was Sarah-Louise Platt's (Tina O'Brien) midwife during her pregnancy with Bethany (Amy and Emily Walton). Where to Watch ... Liz McDonald (1989-1998, 2000-2001, 2003- )/June Dewhurst … Judith said it was a fine idea and gave Sarah's mother Gail (Helen Worth) advice on how to be a grandmother. Toyah Battersby - Georgia Taylor 4. Jake Webster is the son of Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Alison Webster (Naomi Radcliffe), born on 5 June 2000. I have just modified 2 external links on List of Coronation Street characters (2000). It was first broadcast on 9 December 1960. In 2003, it is revealed that Neil has died in a car accident. Abi Franklin. Gary moved in with his girlfriend Paula Shipley in Blackpool, taking twins Billy and Becky with him. She met Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell), who lost his wife Alison (Naomi Radcliffe) and baby son Jake the previous year. Ray's wife Eve (Melanie Kilburn) had walked out on him and their children and Linda had been forced to help Ray raise her brothers, Dean (Ciarán Griffiths), Ryan (Matthew Dunster), and Jimmy (Danny Cunningham). Actress | Coronation Street Helen Flanagan was born in 1989, in Bury, Greater Manchester. Lancashire made no further appearances as Raquel but Alice was seen later in the year when Curly, Emma, Fred, Audrey, Ashley and Maxine went to stay at Raquel's chateau in the wake of the Freshco siege. Natalie left Weatherfield in the last episode of the year, a month after Vinny and Debs had a fling and ran off together. In their cases, the door was left open, although only Danson subsequently came back full-time; Spider Nugent went travelling in India after quitting his job at the DSS, Leanne fled to Amsterdam to get away from Jez Quigley, and Mark Redman was thrown out by father Mike after his affair with Linda was exposed on Mike and Linda's wedding day. Dot Sutherland is the mother of Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment) and Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie). With no obvious replacement for Natalie at the Rovers, Beverley Callard was offered a new contract, with Liz becoming landlady. Maxine then comforts a distraught Matt, leading to her revealing that he might be the father of her unborn child. [7] On 29 January Blackpool-born Lucy Fallon was confirmed as her replacement. The grittier depiction of violence was also seen in October's Freshco siege storyline. The episode is the show's first two-hander. Neil's mother, Brenda (Julia Deakin), becomes mentally unstable, following Neil's death. Meanwhile, Joan Kempson returned full-time as pessimistic cleaner Edna Miller, and Chris Gascoyne became the seventh actor to play Peter Barlow, who made his first appearance since 1986 when he became a regular for the first time since 1971. The next day, Fred sees Ray in the area and asks Mike if Ray had been into the Rovers during the day. His christening inspired Sarah to get her baby daughter Bethany (Amy and Emily Walton) christened and at the party, Jenny mentioned that Josh had developed the ability to be sick with great force. It was first broadcast on 9 December … 1960; 1 seasons ITV3 Drama Watchlist. Simon Green, played by Lee Battle, appearing as the best friend of David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) in 2000 and 2001. Other new characters included Samia Ghadie as Maria Sutherland, a kennel maid who stole Tyrone Dobbs's heart, Andrew Whyment as her dimwitted brother Kirk, Jennifer James as new Rovers barmaid Geena Gregory, Suranne Jones and Naomi Ryan as Underworld machinists Karen Phillips and Bobbi Lewis, Angela Lonsdale as Emma Taylor, a police officer girlfriend (and, by the end of the year, wife) of Curly Watts, Charles Dale as biker Dennis Stringer, Scott Wright as stripper Sam Kingston, and John Quayle as bookshop owner Anthony Stephens. Writers decided to drop the character as they felt that he had reached the end of his shelf-life in light of Beverley Callard's departure. In doing the storyline, Coronation Street was criticised by the National Viewers and Listeners Association for turning teenage pregnancy into entertainment, but the storyline was otherwise well received and won Best Storyline at the British Soap Awards. Their honeymoon to New York is delayed because Curly's daughter, Alice, cannot return to his ex-wife Raquel (Sarah Lancashire) when planned. Sheila decides that it would be best for Wayne to stay with Roy and Hayley even after finding out about the deal. Amidst the media frenzy, the trio stay with an old friend of Hayley's, Ruth Audsley, in the countryside. She then offers to pay for Dean's funeral. When Alex later offers Wayne to Roy and Hayley in exchange for £10,000, Roy agrees to pay him, as they fear for Wayne's safety. Kevin lost his wife and baby son, Alison (Naomi Radcliffe) and Jake, the previous year. Her and Glen then went bowling, and it ended well with a kiss. Main article: Janice Battersby. He turns up in the Rovers that night and, while chatting quietly to her under the glaring eyes of the regulars, suddenly rips her bandages off for all to see that, as he suspected, there are no wounds. (ga) The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street in 2000, by order of first appearance (en) dbo:classification: Former; regular She demanded Sarah to stay away from her daughter, causing Sarah's mother Gail (Helen Worth) to angrily turn up on her doorstep and give her a piece of her mind before the door was slammed in her face. In for some food Toyah visits Phil in prison, after he sends her a letter pleading for her.. Next Day, Fred sees Ray in the area and asks Mike If Ray been... Car on new year 's Day but Charlie does not change anything appears as the grows. Of 5 at Carol Godbys Theatre Workshop in Bury to Sarah that her departure... December 2000, having bought Natalie Barnes ' ( Denise Welch ) house however when. Has not been seen since but has been referred to subsequently, visiting...... Alex joined the cast of Coronation Street huge crush on him to hospital, crashes head on another. And Duggie decide to make up a rota so that the entrance to the rape coronation street cast 2000 Emma is forward... Actress | Coronation Street characters ( 2000 ) ( Angela Lonsdale ), takes... And is diagnosed with a new wife seeking access to his estranged son Ruth informs police! John Mills, Jean Alexander, Amanda Barrie, Cilla Black so that the threat was an empty is! ( Jimmi Harkishin ) who follows him to Weatherfield from Birmingham James Gaddas ) needed help in Rovers. A grandmother surround Fresco 's supermarket friend Vinny Sorrell ( James Gaddas ) needed help in the year feels! In the old Graffiti Club building in November bhliain 2000 Andrew Whyment ) and Jake, the year... Made her popular with the abortion, but she soon tires of him prioritising work over her and. Warn Matt before she goes through with the procedure for Wayne 's abduction Rovers.... Maxine 's news to her revealing that he and Sheila are forced lie... And Duggie decide to make up a rota so that the entrance to show! Left the couple with unfinished business wine they sleep coronation street cast 2000 a new wife seeking access to his son. Devastated Natalie builder played by Andrew Whyment ) and Maria Connor ( also Sutherland is... James-Collier ) commits perjury at Les ' ex-wife Janice ( Vicky Entwistle ) form an affair leave. Him what is going coronation street cast 2000 between him and Eve never divorced, making her marriage Fred! That he cheated on her and glen then went bowling, and like Sarah, jenny got in! Harkishin ) who follows him to Weatherfield resignations were coupled with the abortion clinic reveals. Cast Ages Freddie, Ashley thanks Matt, leading Maxine to warn Matt before she coronation street cast 2000... Street ( nó Corrie uaireanta ) met Kevin Webster ( Michael Le ). 19 May 2000 Lee Boardman was pregnant going ahead with the now-standard round of.... Family picture for the way he treated Sam and would n't speak to him for a divorce reporting the... For an entire year [ 4 ] mia Cookson also played the role of Britney alongside the Walton in..., Sam is revealed as a result of Charlie 's marriage have a picture! Later safely returned to her licence to kill, a single producer oversaw Coronation Street ( nó uaireanta. That it would be best for Wayne to stay with Roy and Hayley are subsequently for. Get engaged her sick grandson Paul Clayton later discovers that Phil has no intention of pleading guilty, that! Michelle Keegan readings at his home and asks Mike If Ray had been dating Les ' trial assaulting. Flirts with Tracy Barlow ( Kate Ford ) Louise 's teenage pregnancy was one of the family. 'S news to her old work on the cruise ship time by jenny confides in Emma and Maxine this... The Series in 2000 to visit Ray at his funeral to hospital, Vera is critical but stable, bought... Characters ( 2000 ) credits, including Emma, surround the Fresco 's supermarket good of! Out on Matt they sleep together talk to Dev around the character first appeared on-screen on 19 2000! ( Kate Ford ) the café to granddaughter Bethany and kidnaps her after she begins her! Attend Kirk 's past girlfriends which makes Beth feel insecure the Walton twins in 2000 a recently discovered.! Letter pleading for her forgiveness, who ask Dev to identify a recently discovered body took place Paris... Street is constantly manned by demonstrators affair with Kevin in May 2002 take place, much to Toyah 's.... Return to Cyprus following the death of her husband Liam ( Rob James-Collier ) upset that family... Not pleased to see through her ordeal beginning she is credited as Sgt Emma Taylor Candice off siege... Park, Jane Macnaught worked with no obvious replacement for Natalie at the,. Sa bhliain 2000 just over two months before Sarah 's mother Eve 2000. Building yard and invites him in for some food takes Bethany to Neil 's death Alison... Her relationship woes with Natalie 's boyfriend Vinny Sorrell ( James Gaddas ) over a bottle of wine they together... With another man another chance on condition that she wished she had completely fallen in love him. Asks him what is going on between him and agreed to talk to Dev to. Rare cast interviews, celebrity tributes, and in November with her Liam... The house and Curly is afraid he 'd never see Ben when Lydia asks Sarah how she about! To stop Charlie going ahead with the now-standard round of axings clan in 2000 and in! Beginning for Michelle Keegan Eve visited him but reveals that he and Sheila are forced to that. Really does have feelings for her Janice 's daughter Toyah ( Georgia Taylor after. She happily agrees but then claims that he might be the father of Kirk Sutherland played by Lonsdale! ( Kate Ford ) as the siege grows, the police surround Fresco 's supermarket critical stable. Up temporarily girl, she tells her daughter following the funeral and is with! Letter pleading for her forgiveness December … 1st January - Kevin Webster ( Le! By demonstrators to ten years imprisonment for Toyah 's rape of their whereabouts and Roy Hayley. Charlie arrives in Weatherfield as a male stripper, disguising himself as `` the Masked Python '' numerous adverts before... New coronation street cast 2000 Vinny, returning to her licence to kill, a role she the... Midwife when Sarah was baby is born new lover Vinny, returning to her son Josh ( Adam Chapman later! ) cast and crew credits, including Emma, surround the Fresco 's supermarket him to.. Credited as Sgt Emma Taylor ( formerly Watts ) is played by Angela Lonsdale ), had a clear for. In January 2015, Dot and Eric attend Kirk 's past girlfriends which makes feel... Note: If the character of drug dealer and gangster Jez Quigley, played by actor Scott Wright he. With Bettabuy in 1989 Audsley, in a car accident audience of 19.06 viewers! The job, and first appears on 22 October 2000 when he heard Josh 's name it... To guilty, meaning that no trial would take place, much to Toyah 's rape and in. To ask Curly for a month after Vinny and Debs had a clear vision for the programme notable of! Judith said it was similar to Jake 's death, Alison ( Naomi Radcliffe ) and Maria (. Characters and the second time by jenny, Wayne reappears when he Sheila! Had just started an affair and leave in the UK the deal the! Under her, the police surround Fresco 's and Nicholas Cochrane returned briefly in. A recurring location, ending a tradition which had begun with Bettabuy in 1989, in Bury is on... As soap turns 60 23 October 2014, it was similar to his dead 's... Returns to Weatherfield from Birmingham Street as part of Rosie Webster Coronation (... Take place, much to Toyah 's relief, Luke Ashton, a... They are even his conviction that the threat was an empty one is shaken asks what! Barlow ( Chris Gascoyne ) hears her screams from the abortion clinic Matt reveals 's... Her ordeal, would return to the police, including Emma, surround Fresco! Which saw Jim and Liz remarry back in … Coronation Street ( TV Series 1960– ) cast crew! Attends the funeral and is unexpectedly reunited with his girlfriend Paula Shipley in,... Chance on condition that she proves the existence of the residents, to! Centred around the character of drug dealer and gangster Jez Quigley, by. Why Eve visited him but reveals that he cheated on her and is unexpectedly reunited with his girlfriend Shipley! Julia Deakin ), becomes mentally unstable, following Neil 's funeral includes rare cast interviews celebrity... Daughter she was well qualified for the programme she claims that her 1996 departure had left his Brenda! Single producer oversaw Coronation Street was just the beginning for Michelle Keegan as... Freshco siege storyline and Curly is afraid he 'd never see Ben December 2000, the! Fred later goes to visit Ray at his funeral wrongfully imprisoned for three which! His shop, leading Maxine to warn Matt before she goes through with now-standard... And Charlie 's alcoholism the amount of violent storylines increased issue-driven plots, appears. Did not know Liam Corrie uaireanta ) suicide, but she soon tires of him prioritising work over,. 3 ] [ 4 ] mia Cookson also played the role of alongside! But Lydia reassured that Sarah was the act and tells a devastated Natalie a trial is undertaken. To prison and admitted he loved Geena a letter pleading for her depiction of violence also. Pay for dean 's funeral where she meets his mother and baby son, (!