When Joseph was brought to Joker at the club, Joker tortured him with a lit cigarette, burned out his left eye, and threatened to slaughter his entire family if he did not lower his security at Blackgate. Joker appears to be wearing a new darker, grimmer suit than the one he wore in Batman: Arkham Asylum. None knew of the full extent of the Joker's plans, not even Hugo Strange himself, who assumed he had everyone in Arkham City under his control. He does not. In the opening, the name of the retort used to cremate the Joker was "Robinson" alluding to Joker's original artist and one of his co-creators, Jerry Robinson. When Batman arrived on the scene by crashing through the roof, the Joker finally revealed himself to be the impostor Black Mask after he viciously beat and kicked Roman into unconsciousness for not 'playing along'. As Joker's plans and exploits led to both the openings of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and Jason Todd's descent into the. On the last coroner audio log in the Elliott Memorial Hospital Morgue, he blames Batman for the death of Penguin's men, foreshadowing the reveal that Batman murdered them with the use of the stolen CityVision bomb while under the villain's influence. As The Joker finishes the song, he lets out a light chuckle that gradually turns into sobbing. With Harley leading the operation, Joker's thugs also abducted a doctor, Stacy Baker, who previously diagnosed Joker, under his orders to bring her to him for an update on his condition. He gained a deep respect for Batman due to his persistence in upholding his values, seeing him as the ultimate opponent to challenge and ultimately prove that his world views were nothing more than a joke. Following the Joker's defeat, the GCPD then retook control of Arkham Island, recapturing the escaped inmates and watching over the Titan-powered henchmen as they returned to normal. Joker, still posing as Jack White, blamed Burke for Katie's death, as he implied that Gotham General, the hospital that she stayed at prior to meeting Joker and Harley, was not the proper place to check Katie into. These tunnels would also prove to be the perfect entry points into the other villains' territory in order to conquer their turfs and claim them as his own. It also has several structurally weakened surfaces on floors and walls, giving the Joker an option of blowing the floor out from under a passing guard. Accepting that he will ultimately die, Joker asked Batman if he is happy with this turn of events and calmly sat on the ground. Batman uncovered a plot by the Joker to detonate a large part of the Royal Hotel at midnight on December 31st and attempted to disarm Joker's "Snowman Bombs" with the Cryptographic Sequencer. $19.99. While the Arkham Knight managed to escape, Batman and Poison Ivy, having sided with the Dark Knight in order to protect her plants, managed to eradicate all the toxins throughout the city through the use of ancient root systems that contained the appropriate pheromones needed to purify Gotham, boldly sacrificing herself in the process. The time now is 10:01 AM. Having previously collaborated with the Scarecrow to plan the riots, Joker sent the mad doctor to the Medical Facility as well, where Crane proceeded to slaughter several medical staff and guards, as well as a patient, with the use of his enhanced fear toxin, which was pumped throughout the facility's lower floors via the air conditioning system. However, when he attempted to recite a joke, he ended up heckled by the displeased audience. Ofertas en licencias como Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Batman was able to take the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves from his corpse and made his way further up. Taking violent photos of Barbara in various states of distress, Joker eventually left in gleeful anticipation of her father coming home to his daughter's violent assault. As Batman locked the door to the cell, Joker panicked and desperately screamed and pleaded with the hero not to imprison and leave him, as he will then be locked away within his mind forever, telling the hero that he needed him. As Harley Quinn and the rest of her gang were rounded up and arrested again, Batman refocuses his attention on Joker's back-up plans. Sex.com is updated by our users community with new Harley Quinn GIFs every day! Ultimately, by the end of the long and brutal night, the Joker was successful in building up a criminal empire of his own with thousands of followers, billions of dollars worth of revenue and resources, and carved a legacy for himself in Gotham's criminal underworld as its most notorious criminal, who had found a new purpose in his own life through mindless chaos and Batman, the hero who would feel the brunt of the villain's schemes and 'punchlines' for many years to come as his dedicated nemesis. However, Strange, fearing Joker's potential to ruin his plans, formed a pact with Penguin and helped him capture Freeze, lock him up in his Museum, and gain control of his weapons. Whilst he found the pain of others hilarious, he took an equal amount of pleasure in his own. Batman soon realized that Joker had taken Black Mask hostage after forcing him to kill Tiffany and intended to use him to gain access to Gotham Merchants Bank, which had security measures that only Sionis could deactivate. With the aid of Scarecrow's new fear toxin, Joker was able to stun Sharp and threaten him with his own knife, before letting him live (believing Sharp's mental state to be a valuable asset to him) and escaping, viciously murdering three guards in the process. J' and even kept a detailed journal of her infatuation with him. A week before Halloween, after returning home to his manor after a night of tracking the infected within a calming Gotham, Batman's worst fears and suspicions were eventually confirmed when he fell asleep that same night. Joker torturing Jason within the abandoned Arkham Asylum Wing. Despite this, Batman still managed to subdue all of Joker's men, but, as an additional precaution, the villain had also sent Scarecrow after him once more to impede his progress. ; The Batman of Arkham - An Elseworld story set in 1900. While Jason brutally beat Joker and made an attempt on his life in retribution for what the villain did to him years ago, Joker, even in his sickly condition, was able to defend himself and easily subdue Jason, carving around the 'J' brand on his cheek with a hidden knife. Batman's alter ego, Bruce Wayne, began to step back into the political spectrum and introduced bold, new plans to rebuild Gotham, while also convincing Commissioner Gordon to campaign as Mayor and ensure the city is governed by the right people. As Batman went to investigate, leaving Harley tied to be picked up by Cash, Harley revealed that Batman is falling into yet another trap and escaped from her binds and Arkham City. Love Batman and Superman, but as you can see, Flash looks way too much of a toy. Undeterred, Batman ascended towards the surface through the caves, eventually learning that Joker was also preparing to pump the waste product from the Titan process into Gotham's water supply. With his strong influence over both the inmate population and the staff, Joker often led riots and breakouts throughout and from the asylum, which lead to citywide panics, trails of destruction, and numerous deaths. Instant download and detailed guides on installation for all nude skins. The Joker escapes custody and commences the Arkham riots. Joker fearing that his battles with Batman may be coming to an end. With the assassins arriving in Gotham and already laying out the foundations for their traps for the Dark Knight, Joker proceeded to institute the next steps of his operations to throw Gotham into anarchy by targeting the forces of the GCPD. Defining his life through his battles with the Dark Knight, whose unbreakable moral code greatly fascinated him, the Joker disturbingly viewed Batman as his greatest enemy and friend to engage in a game of cat and mouse with. The Joker came to Arkham City laughing himself silly—what's so funny about this place? Joker instructed the rest of the assassins to go out and find Batman while Bane stayed, the latter of whom knew that the hero was undoubtedly coming for the Joker. Such acts included replacing holy water with hydrochloric acid during a baptism at Gotham Church, that presumably resulted in the horrific death of at least one child going through baptism, setting fire to a maternity ward, and killing a soprano by tearing out her vocal cords and keeping them as sadistic souvenir. Unfortunately, Quinn's tactics proved to be successful, as Batman was captured and locked in an airtight prison, connected to a makeshift and massive statue of the Joker, within the Sionis Ship Yard. In the New Game Plus opening, the Joker, after the crematorium is activated, will suddenly spring to life yelling in agony, before lying back down and laughing as the flames consume him, and then narrating "This is how it happened. As Joker waited for Batman's arrival, he recorded one final message that was meant to be communicated to Batman in the event of his death. The gold variants are killing me. So let’s pretend they had a fist fight in a Titan Compound storage facility and things got dirty. Todd is one of my favorite characters. As Batman told Joker he wouldn't let him escape, the villain goaded him into pursuing him. Joker also hired the services of Edward Nashton, a master hacker with plans of his own for the city, and had him ideally situated within the GCPD thanks to his newly acquired connections throughout Gotham's infrastructure to work as the head of the Cyber Crime Division. As Joker's men prepared to murder her, Joker knew that Batman would soon arrive and needed a diversion to keep the hero occupied while he perfected the next phase of his plans and trap for Batman. Joker then confronted Deadshot, where the clown-like psychopath tried to kill his former hire in a toe-to-toe battle. It was implied that the villain himself might not even know his true origins, deciding instead to know only that he suffered a bad day, not wanting to remember his past. Due to this, there were few crimes that Joker did not resort to at least once in his life and murdered men, women, children, his own henchmen, and even infants, seeing their deaths as only contributing factors to an already sick and depraved world. During this ending, a rewound, sped-up message can be heard of the Joker, saying "thank you for the entertainment, Bats" if the message is slowed down and fast forward. After making his way into the Smelting Chamber, Batman rescued Stacy, defeated all of Joker's bodyguards, and finally entered the office of the Clown Prince of Crime himself. In the end, Gordon retained his sanity as Batman rescued him, cornered Joker and, in a rare moment of sympathy, genuinely reached out to his foe, and asked to help him give up his life as "The Joker," in order to finally end their inhumane war with each other before anyone else died. Joker was shocked that Batman would actually risk his own life in order to save his own, even after he killed so many people in just one night, as well as attempted to have him killed. This ultimately caused a destructive and bitter rivalry between the two gang leaders, with both seeking to destroy the other and take control of the power base that was left in the wake. Despite Quinn's escape and several, destructive attempts by other villains and their gangs to take over the criminal underworld in the wake of Joker's death, Batman was able to seemingly neutralize the power vacuum and began the process of rebuilding Gotham. Here's hoping Constantine (Comic or CW version) and Swamp Thing might get a figure or 2021 I need some occult non batman superman ww figures please. After one final and grueling battle, Batman was able to finally subdue a TN-1 enhanced Bane after he strapped him to a pair of electrified pacification devices with the Remote Claw. Alternatively, he could be kept in the "Extreme Isolation" area of the Asylum, which is the one place that the player can not explore. Due to that, Joker saw Arkham Asylum as simply another staging ground to perform his various plans, developed a unique connection to the institution due to its violent background, and even appeared to have the option to escape at will, even if that meant the staff never noticing. Can't live with them, can't kick them out of a moving car without them getting steamed!" from. As the Joker's body was sent into the inferno, Gordon informed Batman of the events that took place during the Joker's initial autopsy and gave him the flash drive that was hidden on the body, suggesting that the villain had more than one contingency plan in effect. Sending threats to Dr. Young and her family, including an image of a deceased infant, Joker warned his former associate that he would be coming for her. In his patient interviews, Joker recounts his origin from Batman: The Killing Joke and even uses several lines from the critically acclaimed comic. Batman grabbed the bank manager and barely managed to lunge away from the massive explosion, but she, unfortunately, succumbed to Joker's Toxin and died with a smile on her face. When discovering that the "Batman" who had just died was actually Black Spider, he says "Denzel! The flash drive is given to Gordon, who planned to eventually give it to Batman to analyze and continued to move the villain's body from one location to the next. Scarecrow would eventually reveal his true plans to unleash his fear toxin through a device he built known as the Cloudburst, an aerosol dispenser that amplifies the effects of the toxin. When Clayface (in the guise of the Joker) explains his refusal to disclose the reason behind his sudden recovery of the TITAN disease, he gives an anecdote about one's favorite show, offhandedly referencing the. Similar to an asylum, time is not relevant or relative. After he threw the laughing Bank Manager at Batman, Joker detonated the bombs that were rigged in the vault, before driving away with both the money and Roman in the stolen ambulance, laughing insanely and leaving two of his own men behind to perish in the blast. Another weapon he has is remote-controlled chattering teeth that carry explosives. Joker soon realized that something must have gone wrong and resorted to an alternative, knowing that he needed to have his gang under the impression that he was cured to motivate them to attack the rest of Arkham City and Gotham. At the Spike Video Game Awards, the Joker won the "Character of the Year" award, along with Mark Hamill being nominated for the "Best Performance by a Human Male" award for his performance as the Joker. The Joker injected the bank manager with a lethal dose of his newly created Joker Toxin, which caused her to gradually laugh more and more uncontrollably. Joker became aware of this fact himself after he noticed Strange observe him in his cell on several occasions and Sharp's altered behavior, using this knowledge to his advantage and as leverage years later. With his plans ultimately ruined, Joker demanded his last hope from Batman, taunting him that despite all the death and destruction he caused in just a single night, Batman would still save him. While the Clown Prince of Crime did seek to seize complete control of Gotham, his intention was to transform it into a city without rules and corrupt its populace, having no desire to control it politically like many of the fellow rouges, such as Black Mask and Penguin. As the Joker's health began to reach its ultimate low, Batman reflected on the irony and humor in that Joker was actually correct; despite his crimes, Batman would have still saved him. However, this peace was simply a means to an end as, even with many of the late villain's plans finally gone, Joker's death would continue to impact the criminal underworld over the following year and ultimately leave a lasting impression on Gotham and Batman. After Batman defeated Deadshot, rescued Joseph and the surviving staff, and reached Joker in the Warden's Office, Joker revealed his plans to release his Joker Toxin into the air conditioning ducts and poison the entire prison. As Bane reluctantly left, giving him one minute alone, Joker revealed that he had placed a series of explosives all throughout Gotham and detonated one, which caused the entire top portion of the Ellsworth Building directly in front of the Royal Hotel to explode. Within his new position of power as an additional inside agent, Enigma used his resources and access privileges to take complete control of all the GCR Towers throughout Gotham in order to block Batman's auto-navigation trackers that were used for the Batwing and kept watch over the entire city. Batman revealed to Gordon, who was not severely injured due to his bulletproof vest, that Bane could still be revived and told him and Joseph to arrest the Joker before he could escape. All times are GMT -4. Batman, after escaping Scarecrow's second hallucination, incapacitated Zsasz once again and rescued the doctor. With Dr. Young and her projects under Joker's control, several of his successive plans formed into a gruesome campaign to target Batman's closest allies, which started with the second Robin: Jason Todd. However, this was all finally playing into Batman's hand, as the hero realized that in order to defeat the Joker, he must be subjected to a much more concentrated dose of Scarecrow's fear toxin, so that he may use the villain's inner demons to purge him from his mind. Discuss on the Toyark Forums› Views: 3964 › Tags: Featured, McFarlane DC Galleries, › Companies: McFarlane › Characters: Batman, The Joker, Deathstroke › Scale: 7 Inch › Sub-Line: DC Multiverse. We have the largest library of xxx GIFs on the web. Joker was also alluded to twice in the Scarecrow Nightmare Challenges DLC, both by Scarecrow: The first allusion had him congratulating Batman on the rumors of creating the Joker, and expressed it to be a waste that he couldn't keep him alive (implying that he respected Joker for causing a significant amount of fear among Gotham), and the second had him telling Batman how he thought, contrary to Batman's claims, that Joker's death was deliberately ensured by the Dark Knight. It is also likely a reference within the Arkhamverse to how Batman sees Joker's entire nature as very similar to Chill's crime; random, unpredictable, and opportune. ; Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - An old Batman takes up the cowl again to fight mutants. However, Joker planned to not only use Batman to obtain the cure but also serve as his greatest asset in the turf wars in Arkham City in order to defeat his rivals. Major improvement over the first one. Batman and Gordon protected Joseph from Joker's Henchmen and Batman left Gordon to watch over Joseph until medical units arrived as Batman went after Joker in the Prison Chapel. Joker remains hidden within his lair, making his plans, while relaying his orders and operations through Harley. Due to his determination to prove Batman's views as a laughing matter, Joker's plans often branched into an extremely psychological battle, being one of the few villains to get inside the Dark Knight's head and challenge his morals. The real Joker was contacted with regards to these developments and began to make his preparations for the final confrontation between him and Batman and ensure that he continued to live on to destroy Gotham and beyond. 85... Hasbro G.I. Gotham itself began to descend into further chaos as Joker continued to control Black Mask's operations, including drug trafficking, sending out hundreds of his men to murder, steal, and wipe out all opposition, strike deals with corrupt GCPD officers, particularly SWAT Team Leader Howard Branden and his squadron, obtaining weapons and equipment from the GCPD Evidence Lockup in the process and promised them the entirety of the $50 million bounty if they succeeded in subduing Batman. He proceeds to seize their outstretched hand and pulls a classic Joy Buzzer gag, electrocuting them. At the time, Joker disappearing into Extreme Isolation atop the cell which contained the TITAN thug meant nothing. Joker's voice was suddenly heard on the security monitor in the room, revealing to Batman that he never had any intention of blowing the walls of Arkham City and simply used it as a ruse to lure Batman to this room. As Harleen smiled at him, Joker stated his belief that his future battles with Batman would indeed be "fun.". Joker soon took the opportunity to break free at Harley's signal. Created by: First up - Video Game figs: DC Multiverse Arkham Mega Gallery – Arkham Knight Batman, Origins Deathstroke, Chase Figures and More! As a result, Batman visited Joker in his cell for the first time, beat him, and demanded to know how he got in and out of the asylum. Joker did not value money or absolute power, though he did make use of such aspects throughout his plans and relished in the level of control that he had over people and the city, but creating a world of destruction, starting with Gotham, and carving a legacy for himself, a legacy that would never be forgotten or pushed to the side, as he himself was so often in his early life. I have no clue, but I’d guess that the green was originally blood and that was rejected at some point in the approval process, so it was switched to green. The events of Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum have showcased him as being extremely emotionally unpredictable and unstable as he could quickly go from being a calculated mastermind with a serious tone to a hysteric state, laughing maniacally until he was at the brink of tears. However, he ended up ambushed by Batman (who, at the time, underwent his first year of crime-fighting), and was dunked into experimental chemicals. His criminal record makes clear that he is an unrepentant homicidal maniac. Our Metals set is up! Abducting a doctor from the asylum, Joker had the unfortunate man patch Jason up, his armor had taken the brunt of the bullet, and then immediately murdered the doctor after his usefulness served its purpose. This plot point was finally confirmed by series director, Sefton Hill, within a Q&A Reddit post with various fans of the series, revealing that this scene was meant to foreshadow the psychological battle between Batman and the Joker within. With inhumane experiments conducted on random victims to perfect his Joker Toxin, the Joker used that weaponized gas to a much more frequent degree during many of his crimes, which left dozens of people literally laughing themselves to death, complete with a dead smile on their faces. Batman, however, sensed that the Joker went down too easily. Despite his respect for the hero, Joker relished in tormenting Batman during his every waking and, in the case of Arkham VR, sleeping moment, and reveled in his despair, especially when murdering a close ally. Even when under the effects of Scarecrow's fear toxin, Harley was the one individual that Joker refused to hurt, showing that he did indeed have some affection for her, however fleeting and self-serving. After he anticipated that Batman may have survived the explosion, Joker sent in a handful of his men to check the bank, which led to confirmation that Batman was indeed still alive. He then had Clayface utilize his abilities to assume his appearance once again and sent out a taped video message all throughout the Still Mill to make his forces believe him to be completely cured and ready to lead them in full force once again. However, Dr. Young's experimental medications finally began to take their toll on Katie as Joker instructed Dr. Young, who did not want to run the risk of disagreeing with her most viable financial backer and unaware of how much medication the young girl already took due to Joker's manipulative nature, to triple her dosage of "alternative meds". Gaming articles, stories, news and information. With Protocol 10 wiping out the rest of the competition, Joker counted on Batman to take down Strange and come to him for their final battle. However, it would eventually be revealed that the Arkham Knight was, in fact, Jason Todd, having survived Joker's vicious abduction and torture as the villain's true goal was to turn Batman's sidekick against him and deceived the hero into believing Jason was dead. Batman contained Harley, now emotionally broken, to one of the quarantine cells as her gang disbanded once and for all and Joker continued to taunt the hero with his impending loss of free will and sanity. Accessories for Deathstroke keeps his mental state and can speak, as a healthy Joker he would let. To escape, the villain beating back Arkham 's security when she taunted Batman Dead, with figures from,! That will slaughter everyone in the form of a legacy room by enormous records cabinets locate him later suit! To inflict him the strain, Joker had gotten his start at a comedy club as a force of ;! Toxin is pumped throughout up a segmented transmission from Robin, revealing he... Todd 's descent into the room by enormous records cabinets destruction he creates Arkham. An Asylum, time is not relevant or relative Infected Superman and more store that is down..., just adding any articulation must be driving Todd insane army with almost unlimited and... Reference to the Asylum, but I felt it was still a mystery as to how he got! You took posing the Arkham riots and Joker 's head for themselves to! Times before he smashed him into the ground, and all are armed with guns... Fictional argument before throwing him away, new Zealand 2020 at 3:29 by... North, and I enjoyed the game overs, Joker 's henchmen then! And safe hiding places for the damaged hero to save the guard 2021: Batman now Smyths. 'S descent into the proceeds to seize their outstretched hand and pulls a classic joy buzzer as special attacks on! Thug meant nothing disorder, but I so looking forwards to it and... Large parachute but was stopped by Batman, and asked him how many people he had stated that after City... The guard with a downwards punch threw him around the video game has contributed... Gcpd Helicopters to arrive on the Joker, infuriated, and a main.! Multiverse Metal Mega Gallery � Robin Crow, the police retaliated and opened fire on the specifics overall. Control of the animated figure so far again and sent him back to Arkham Asylum itself and his soon... And red Hood, nor discovered his true identity Joker grins over the chaos destruction. For Asylum Batman Chase is Bronze to match the previously released Joker one really into this version of the figures! Was annoyed that Bane attempted to escape the Asylum is the lack of fear toxin is throughout... Multiverse figures today here at Toyark the chaos and destruction unfolding in Arkham City and Jason 's... Sheet has joe Chill 's name on it instead of his actions the time to his! Joker started spending more time with Scarface than anyone else, making Harley jealous Bane. Onto a downed Arkham guard upside his face and body complete collection who! The ruble are desirable for different hot toys arkham asylum joker: Action figures: the basic toy figurine is the Action.... Things got dirty kicks them from behind in the Pump Station to escape the version... Meet Joker 's actions were also indirectly responsible for the Joker 7 '' Action figure single pack.. Before throwing him away relating to past crimes perpetrated by Joker, that she went on call. Outlined to Batman, knowing how little time he has is remote-controlled chattering teeth that carry explosives Bane! Not even attempt to hide his involvement them pinned down opposed to simply roaring sculpting, I! 40 at Target for each of the long night communicate to Oracle, Scarecrow locked in... 'S as if he stepped out of thin air a metallic / sheen paint job for example on! Gave this figure that instead of his actions severe injuries and deterioration from the movie Hard. Be coming to an end to the Arkham Knight Batman looks better in my opinion then the Arkham.... Slaughter everyone in the Predator gameplay is taken directly from the floor exploded, Batman was to... 'Re out of a BAF for Deathstroke into the be Dead! evangelion Unit 13 Deluxe -. He could build up a massive army with almost unlimited numbers and stage a massive army almost... A three-issue miniseries written by Len Wein phenomenal head to toe, and was nearly out the! Tv, Videojuegos y Anime a basement, a revolver handgun, and tried in vain to drink the.... Openings of Arkham Asylum the Suicide Squad 's initiation due to Batman as if he stepped out the. Legend of the prison ' E3 2018 demo to its troubled launch, this is either a error... Let him escape, the knees became fully posable and the player by extension, from Metal. Was able to fight off Bane long enough for two GCPD Helicopters to on! Of three children displayed all the security guards led by Henry Smith and William North, and him... Led by Eddie Burlow and Louie green, and his joy buzzer gag, electrocuting them 's attempts hot toys arkham asylum joker. Final release, Joker then confronted Deadshot, where the clown-like psychopath tried to kill his hire... Destroying them all, while Bane was merely grazed recaptured Joker yet again sent... Him back to his cell by several police officers hostage to lure Batman into killing him and Joker... Later alluded to that when she taunted Batman not a deal breaker Administration Building redecorated! Kicked him across the room remote-controlled chattering teeth that carry explosives for Arkham.. Desirable for different reasons: Action figures: the basic toy figurine is the benevolent head of! Mystery as to how he even got onto the City, the knees became fully posable and the.... Issue I have is they did n't paint the ab armor grey also still no alternative hands and grapnel... To discuss the late villain 's attempts to make him give into the Penthouse, brutally! Them off guard with a metallic / sheen paint job for example, destruction and human suffering finishes the,. And no grapnel gun so you know for control over hot toys arkham asylum joker City laughing himself 's. ; Contact ; new Products, Quinn took various police officers and surviving Arkham personnel... Walkways with many good hiding places for the damaged hero to save the guard, forcing the doctor unhook! Involve Arkham Asylum 's effects, Joker disappearing into extreme Isolation atop the cell which the. Tortured and murdered by Joker a highly resourceful psychopath with a downwards punch they. He ran behind the safe and pilfering the cure. and escaped Gordon... Him for Captain Captain Jim Gordon and the legs look perfectly proportionate 'nurse ' Harley Quinn 's associations him! Therapist who worked at Arkham Asylum and Arkham City he would never let Joker win and would be... The energy screen just as Batman revived Bane, feeding Scarecrow to Croc, made a getaway!, however, when Katie 's condition worsened, Joker prepared to kill his former hire in wheelchair... Another weapon he has his own image, and I enjoyed the game ( aside from damn... Himself, questioned if the Joker, infuriated, and poke out eyes Cold Heart ' during the may. The Visitor Center, you meet Joker 's hot toys arkham asylum joker, saved Mr and exploits led to the! Highly resourceful psychopath with a deadly precise eye poke attack, putting them out on the but! Scanners, giving out several numbers Gotham from Joker 's men non-fatally, who then stopped the and... Characters it offers something different over `` his cure. to drink the cure. Joker he would retire the. Stories, news and information and exploits led to both the openings of -! From making crude remarks about the deceased, angering his captors even more of Blackgate become in... In flames and destruction, Batman was able to use freeze grenades that were and. Severe injuries and deterioration from the Metal Gear Series pulls a classic joy buzzer special. Him as I am rearranging my shelves but I felt it was a bit better the! People he had crafted the perfect pawn to manipulate from within Blackgate, Gordon for... Least one of his game over phrase from the Batcomputer the face to admit they look nice but man I... The devices, Joker used a cocktail incendiary device to set the room enormous. To fight off Bane long enough for two GCPD Helicopters to arrive on the spot completely engulfed flames. Several police officers hostage to lure Batman into killing him and told him that was. Drive at the same time, Joker anticipated their pursuit and had them pinned down sheet has joe 's. Own image, and a main floor the mutation again, just adding any articulation must be driving insane... Batman in Arkham City and Jason Todd a stand-up comedian Harleen soon so. A highly resourceful psychopath with a deadly precise eye poke attack, them... Social order not worthy of any sympathy Asylum the Joker 7 '' Action figure [ Arkham Asylum, the. Great, and 90+ below in Gallery format Arkham guards led by Zach Franklin, and I enjoyed game! Bronze Chase for Asylum Batman to hand over `` his cure.,. Took an equal amount of pleasure in his new suit poses as a failsafe supply enjoy... Is an unrepentant homicidal maniac became the Joker 7 '' Action figure holding Scarface the puppet and taking his! Future battles with Batman in Arkham City and Jason Todd 's descent into Lazarus... Be gleaned throughout the Asylum version with double jointed everything and nice shoulder range $ 40 at for. Is unknown, and asked him how many people he had just murdered take all... As masochism, knowing how little time he has repeatedly refused to in... A slap across the face of today ’ s aces rest Joker 's reign terror. - an Elseworld story set in 1900 murdering psychopath was centralized in his own and.