Read or print original Clear Blue Skies lyrics 2021 updated! / Clean water, not too much to hope for, / It's the basis of our lives / And without it we are … Tell me what is the need? O blessd Lord, Thy truth To all Thy flock impart, And … In the clear blue skies over Germany Came a roar and a thunder man has never heard Like the screaming sound of a big war bird. Lyrics to 'Clear Blue Skies' by Cliff Richard. Facebook Twitter Youtube Twitter Youtube A dream of dust or a dream of life Dream of dust I dream of life In a universe of almost infinite size Where is my dreaming? Above the clear blue sky, In Heavens bright abode, The angel host on high Sing praises to their God; Alleluia! And why does it always return to your eyes? They love to sing Alleluia! Hot Chip Lyrics "Clear Blue Skies" What does it matter? I was blue, just as blue as I could be Ev'ry day was a cloudy day for me Then good luck came a-knocking at my door Skies were gray but they're not gray anymore Blue skies Smiling at me Nothing but blue skies Do I see Bluebirds Singing a song Nothing but bluebirds All day long Never saw the sun shining so bright Never saw things going so right Long are the nights when you're lonely Tough are the days filled with pain Sometimes this life gives you thunder and then you get caught in the rain Take it from someone who's weathered more than a couple of storms There might be sadness around you, but joy will soon knock on your door The Juggaknots Clear Blue Skies Lyrics. Clear Blue Skies lyrics performed by The Juggaknots: [Verse One:] [Buddy Slim] Damn it, son I think its time we had a little man-to-man talking They love to sing To God their King Alleluia! Facebook Twitter Youtube Twitter Youtube "Clear Blue Skies" lyrics. Above The Clear Blue Sky Lyrics. Lyrics to "Clear Blue Skies" by CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG: Clear blue skies, not too much to ask for, / They were here before we came, / Will they be here when we're gone? Chorus: Ten, Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more About Blue Clear Sky "Blue Clear Sky" is a song written by Bob DiPiero, John Jarrard and Mark D. Sanders, and performed by American country music singer George Strait. (C) 2020 Clear Blue Sky. Clear Blue Sky Dont Mention Rock and Roll. Lyrics to 'Clear Skies' by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. I got you I got you I got you I got you and clear blue skies Up in the sky, a man in a plane Baron Von Richthofen was his name Eight-y men tried and eight-y men died Now they're buried together on the country side. check amazon for Clear Blue Skies mp3 download these lyrics are submitted by Jimmy JIB browse other artists under C:C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 Songwriter(s): Graham Nash Publisher(s): Nash Notes BMI Record Label(s): 1988 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc for the world outside of the United States Official lyrics by I got you / I got you / I got you / I got you and clear blue skies / Never It was released in March 1996 as the first single and title track from Strait's album of the same name. (C) 2020 Clear Blue Sky. "Blue Clear Sky" was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Emerald Studios.